16 Million Colors: Not Just a Gimmick for Permanent Outdoor Lighting

16 Million Colors: Not Just a Gimmick for Permanent Outdoor Lighting

If you’ve been checking out our website for Gulf Coast Trimlight, you’ve probably noticed the wide range of stunning colors that can be controlled in our permanent outdoor lighting systems.

Are the 16 Million Colors Just a Gimmick?

Not at all. It’s the perfect way to describe the incredible color options available when you install our recessed lighting systems. Let us explain. Or watch our videos and see for yourself.

Colors and Color Gradations

To help you understand the color choices with Trimlight Select, think about a modern computer monitor display.

Back in the 1980s, we had monochrome monitors with green or white text against a black background. Then came VGA with its 12, 24, and 64-color palettes, which was pretty impressive for its time. However, things didn’t stop there. Engineers developed the modern RGB system, combining over 300 shades of each color to create stunning permutations that could replicate real-life colors in digital photos. It truly revolutionized the game!

State-of-The-Art Outdoor Lighting in Biloxi, MS

In short, Trimlight Select uses the same advanced color palette found in modern digital cameras and devices. So when you see the latest camera features on your smartphone being praised online, just remember that your color options with Trimlight Select are similar in many ways. You can even control these colors using your mobile device if it’s configured that way. Each incremental shade is considered a unique color, resulting in those astronomical numbers! Using this type of color is essential for modern lighting applications – it’s a best practice that every system should have. Using anything less would be like using one of those primitive monitors or screens with limited color options!

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