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We Are Proud to Serve Southern MS

Gulf Coast Trimlight is a family-owned business from right here on the coast of Mississippi. We are proud to be the only registered, licensed, bonded, and insured Trimlight dealer in Southern Mississippi. We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, and we’re here to help you make your home or business shine all year long. We service Gulf Port, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, and border to border along the coast of Mississippi and all the way up to Hattiesburg.

The Original Permanent Christmas Light Installers

In 2010, Ryan, our founder, was weary of the hassle of hanging temporary holiday lights, only to have to remove them weeks later while braving the harsh winter elements. He envisioned a more convenient and lasting solution.

Driven by this vision, Ryan embarked on a meticulous research journey, delving into the intricate details of home construction to identify the optimal location for permanent holiday lights. He recognized that compromising the integrity of roofs or gutters was not a viable option, leading him to conclude that installing lights along the fascia line was the superior choice.

Extensive Research

Through extensive research, Ryan discovered that lights and wires exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays would degrade prematurely. Additionally, he realized that directing lights outward was only suitable for a limited range of applications. To achieve the desired longevity and meet manufacturer lifespans, he determined that pointing the lights downward was the most effective design approach.

With the optimal light positioning established, Ryan experimented with various building materials to identify the ideal form, material type, and size. He sought a design that would seamlessly blend with a home’s architecture while providing proper installation and ease of maintenance.

permanent outdoor lighting in biloxi ms
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Permanent Outdoor Lighting in Biloxi, MS is Born

As neighbors sought information about his innovative solution, Ryan recognized the immense potential of his concept. He enlisted the support of his closest friends to launch Trimlight as a business venture. Today, Trimlight has witnessed exponential growth, with thousands of homes adorned along the Wasatch Front alone and over 40 dealerships established across the United States and Canada.

While Trimlight has evolved alongside technological advancements, transitioning to increasingly reliable LEDs, the company remains committed to innovation and continuous product improvement. Trimlight’s mission is to illuminate America, and eventually the world, with permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion, year after year.

3 Unique Lighting Options

Programmable LED lighting installation in Mississippi


Trimlight is the original inventor of permanent, programmable holiday and year-round lighting. Our patented system provides bright, beautiful lighting at night that is hardly noticeable during the day. Trimlight’s cutting-edge app allows customers to program their lights to celebrate every major holiday all year long with 16 million color choices, thousands of patterns, and hundreds of animations. Our system makes it easy – with the ability to select from a variety of holiday presets, and the ability to schedule light patterns in advance. With Trimlight you can set it and forget it.


Programmable LED lighting installation in Mississippi

Our newest innovation in programmable, remote-access outdoor lighting, Globe Lights create the perfect festive or ambient lighting scene for your outdoor parties or special occasions. Whether you are inviting friends over for a BBQ pool party or just looking to spend a nice, relaxing night in the backyard, globe lights in Ocean Springs, MS set the mood you desire. They also make are great in a commercial setting – for outdoor seating at restaurants, tent lighting for wedding receptions, and much more!


Programmable LED lighting installation in Mississippi


Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses. Designed to mimic traditional soffit/canned lighting products, Trimlight gives the same appearance with the added benefit of being able to install the downlights anywhere on the building as they are surface mounted so they can easily be placed at any location without having to cut out space or hardwire. The downlights are also programmable to millions of different color options and can be used separately of Trimlight for accent or security lighting.

Haden and Kyle are the real MVP’s this Christmas season. If you are looking to have lights put on your house for the holidays I recommend Gulf Coast Trimlight. They are nice, professional and they answered every question I had. I walked away with the feeling that they truly care about their customers.
Leah Dawson

I am very pleased with the job that Exxon and Michael did. They took their time and did an extremely professional install. Even in the horrendous heat that we are experiencing, they never complained or grumbled. They took the time to explain everything and reassured us that they are “ a phone call away”. The most exciting part for me is….. No more hanging lights for me! Ha! Thanks Trimlight!

Guy Jermyn

Exxon and Michael from Gulf Coast Trimlight installed our new permanent lighting today and we are over the moon excited!!! Now if it will hurry up and get dark so we can show them off to the entire neighborhood!! Thank you so much #gulfcoasttrimlight!!!!!
Dolanda and Bryan McCain
Moss Point, Ms.

Dolanda Simms

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