Accent Lighting

Bring out the remarkable details of your Ocean Springs home by adding accent lighting that casts your space in a new light. Tailor the perfect ambiance for every occasion with a range of ambient colors and flexible lighting effects.


Discover an unparalleled celebration experience with Gulf Coast Trimlight. Our unique accent lighting in Ocean Springs, MS, will revolutionize your home’s ambiance, ensuring an extraordinary experience for every special occasion. Prepare to experience every night in an unprecedented way.

Accent Lighting in Ocean Springs, MS

Accent Lighting in Ocean Springs, MS and the surrounding areas

Enhance your accent lighting experience in Ocean Springs, MS with Gulf Coast Trimlight! Transition from the mundane warm white lights to a world of color and vibrancy for your outdoor gatherings and special events. Our customizable accent lighting solutions allow you to effortlessly design spectacular color schemes and patterns with just a simple tap on our intuitive app, setting the perfect ambiance for your exterior spaces. Elevate beyond the ordinary – let our distinctive accent lighting in Ocean Springs, MS illuminate your evenings with elegance and style.

Accent Lights For Any Occasion

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Commercial & Residential Accent Lighting

Elevate the ambiance of your home or business with Trimlight Globe Lights, the ideal addition for adding lively color and enchanting appeal. Whether it’s brightening your backyard awning or crafting a warm, inviting environment that mesmerizes your cherished customers, these cutting-edge accent lights represent the ultimate solution you’ve been seeking.


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Accent Lights for Outdoor Ambiance

Create an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces with the addition of accent lighting in Ocean Sprins, MS. Perfect for patios, pergolas, awnings, and pools, these lights are the ideal choice for hosting a lively BBQ pool party or enjoying a peaceful evening in your backyard. Let our accent lighting set the perfect mood for any occasion.


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Functional Accent Lighting

Illuminate your space with individually controlled bulbs that ensure optimal visibility in every corner. Effortlessly manage your accent lighting with our intuitive app, allowing you to customize your accent lighting preferences with ease. With Gulf Coast Trimlight accent lighting in Ocean Springs, MS you have complete control over the ambiance of your space.

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Our customers LOVE their Trimlights!

We had Gulf Coast Trimlight installed. I was very happy with the price, installation was quick, professional and they matched our trim and paint color perfectly. Kyle was our sales contact, he even gave me extra training on the the ap since I am challenged by technology. He returned my call after hours when I had questions too. I highly recommend them!

Georganne Elemond

We absolutely love our Trimlights! Not only are the lights and the endless settings amazing, but the customer service we received with Gulf Coast Trimlights. The owners of the company came out and gave us a quote, they were very knowledgable and there was NO “high pressure salesmen” approach. They came out on the day they were scheduled, sent a reminder a few days before hand. When they were installing they were extremely respectful and cautious inside our home. Our experience overall was AMAZING!! If i could give them a 10 star rating, I would! If you are considering “forever lighting” contact Gulf Coast Trimlight, you will not be sorry!

Nicole Rosalia

Exxon and Michael from Gulf Coast Trimlight installed our new permanent lighting today and we are over the moon excited!!! Now if it will hurry up and get dark so we can show them off to the entire neighborhood!! Thank you so much #gulfcoasttrimlight!!!!!

Dolanda S.