Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if a light goes out?

Gulf Coast Trimlight comes with a lifetime product warranty. Simply reach out and request to have the light replaced. After your second year of owning Trimlight a service fee may apply, but the faulty product will always be covered under warranty.

How long does Trimlight last?

Trimlight comes with a Lifetime Product Warranty. The lifetime of Trimlight depends on how often it is being used. On average Trimlight will last between 20-30 years (assuming it was only used during nighttime hours). If Trimlight is constantly left on during the day and night, it will drastically reduce the lifetime of the lights.

How much electricity do they use?

Trimlight implements exclusive LED technology which is super energy efficient. Each diode uses .6 watts of power, meaning your Trimlight system uses less energy than 1-2 light bulbs. Trimlight uses 1/10th the energy of incandescent lights and will last 10 times longer.

How much do they cost?

Trimlight pricing varies depending on the size of the roofline and what you want covered with Trimlight. Trimlight is very cost effective considering the system comes with a lifetime product warranty. Contact us for a free price estimate!

How many patterns can I save in the Trimlight app?

You can save up to 60 patterns in the Trimlight app. If you want to delete patterns click on the clock icon at the bottom right. A list of all current patterns will appear. Swipe left on the patterns you want to delete and you will see the option to either rename or delete the pattern.

Can I program Trimlight from a computer?

Trimlight is an app driven technology which is why it will not work with PC’s. Trimlight is designed to work with iphone or android devices and will work with most Mac computers systems also. This is because Mac computers are also app driven.

If I move, can I have the Trimlight system moved to my new home?

Unfortunately you cannot have your existing Trimlight system removed and used on another home. Trimlight is a permanent lighting system installed specific to each home, meeting the color and style of that home.

Can I use Trimlight with both android or iphone?

Yes! The Trimlight app was designed to work with any iphone or andrioid device. The app will also work with Mac computers since they are app driven. Trimlight will not work with PCs.

How do I do a soft reset?

Go to the Trimlight controller, unplug it for 1 minute, then plug it back in. You can also remove power to the controller by pulling out the green cube next to the blue or green light for 1 minute then plugging it back in. This should clear any error codes in your controller without deleting any patterns or timers you have saved already.

If I unplug Trimlight, do I lose saved patterns/timers?

No, the Trimlight controller has a battery so all patterns/timers will not be lost. However, it is not recommend that you unplug the Trimlight controller unless preforming a soft or hard reset.

Are they HOA approved?

Timlight needs prior approval from HOAs. However, Trimlight is rarely not approved from HOAs and is widely accepted once a meeting has been established with committee leaders to demonstrate how Trimlight systems work; hidden during the day, programmable for specific holidays, and repairs are resolved in a timely manner.

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We had Gulf Coast Trimlight installed. I was very happy with the price, installation was quick, professional and they matched our trim and paint color perfectly. Kyle was our sales contact, he even gave me extra training on the the ap since I am challenged by technology. He returned my call after hours when I had questions too. I highly recommend them!

Georganne Elemond

We absolutely love our Trimlights! Not only are the lights and the endless settings amazing, but the customer service we received with Gulf Coast Trimlights. The owners of the company came out and gave us a quote, they were very knowledgable and there was NO “high pressure salesmen” approach. They came out on the day they were scheduled, sent a reminder a few days before hand. When they were installing they were extremely respectful and cautious inside our home. Our experience overall was AMAZING!! If i could give them a 10 star rating, I would! If you are considering “forever lighting” contact Gulf Coast Trimlight, you will not be sorry!

Nicole Rosalia

I am a complete sucker for lighting and when I saw my neighbor had these lights installed, I was all over it! Everyone I spoke with at this company was outstanding! Kind, efficient and knowledgeable. Exxon and Michael were our installers and they are AWESOME! CALL THEM!

Jennifer Paprock

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